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Strengthen Your Feet and Ankles to Improve Walking Safety and Performance

As more Americans turn to walking for fitness, fun, and the pursuit of health, opportunities to participate increase every year. Walkers benefit from relay events specifically designed for them. Wa...
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Running 100 Miles: The Art of Digging Deep

It's 37 degrees out, and the race gun fires at 4:00 am on Saturday morning. Runners have 30 hours to complete the grueling course, where strict cutoffs are imposed. "Every step of the way you can f...
How Healthy are Your Feet?
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How Healthy are Your Feet?

Most of what we now know about foot health—true foot health, that is—comes from scholarly writings that were published, in some cases, well over 100 years ago. These studies, along with the wisdom ...
Why Do Shoelaces Come Untied?
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Why Do Shoelaces Come Untied?

Caterpy No Tie Shoelaces is the answer. The patented bump technology keeps the shoelaces at the desired tension throughout the shoe regardless of how fast a person is walking or running. In fact, C...
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Customize with No Tie Shoelaces Part 2

If you’ve tried Caterpy no tie shoelaces you already know they optimize your shoe’s potential by customizing tension at each eyelet, and if you read Part 1  of this blog series you know there is so...
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Customize with No Tie Shoelaces: Part 1

These days style is all about taking a trend and making your own. From tattoos and piercings, to the 90’s making a big comeback with crop tops and friendship bracelets, we are always searching for ...
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Keep your Cool in the Summer Sizzle

Keeping cool so that you can properly hydrate and fuel throughout the day should  take priority. Heat mitigation is all about balance. Many runners new to the heat running scene think, “I’ll just u...
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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun with Kids

Whether you're out and about adventuring or taking advantage of rainy day with pj's and a movie make those daily transitions easier with Caterpy no tie shoelaces. 
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5 Things You Wish You Knew

If you've been running and racing for any length of time, or even if you're just starting out you've likely looked back on races or workouts trying to figure out what you could have done better. We...