Common Questions

Our Run laces are meant for athletic use. With bumps throughout the lace tension is customizable in every row independently. 

Our Air laces are for a more casual use. With bumps only near the ends of the lace to allow a more traditional look while still transforming your shoes into a slip on. They can still be used for athletic activities as

Unlike other brands, there are no plastic to install, the laces themselves are ready to use as a singular product.Tension per row is easily adjusted and customized, which allows the wearer to avoid uncomfortable pressure points caused by plastic clamps and knots.

Yes, Patented Bump Technology allows the wearer to make Caterpy Laces as tightly fitting as they like. This gives your shoe the feel of a compression sock, where preferred tension is felt throughout the entire foot, but without the pinch of the knot or any plastic pieces or traditional laces.

No, the tension is spread throughout the whole shoe, which limits the amount of force each bump has on it.

With traditional laces, the opening of the shoe is fixed; breaking the heel of the shoe by forcing your foot in and out. Caterpy Laces make the opening of the shoe elastic, providing room for the foot without breaking the shoe.

We have reflective laces available that are popular with athletes who often run at night. We currently do not have glow in the dark varieties, but prototypes are in the works.

Laces were designed to last the lifetime of multiple shoes. While they can be reused for multiple pairs of shoes, most customers enjoy styling new shoes with new lace colors and patterns.

Yes, Caterpy Laces can be washed, but do not put them in the dryer as it may ruin the rubber.


We currently ship to all 50 US States via USPS and typically takes 4-7 days. We offer free shipping on all US orders above $30. In most cases, orders placed before 12pm EST will ship out same day. Orders placed after 12pm EST will ship out the following day.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number as soon as your order is scanned by USPS. If you need help tracking down an order, just shoot us an email at

We can help! So long as your order hasn’t shipped yet, we can update it for you. Shoot us a note at with the subject line “Modify My Order,” letting us know your order number and what needs to be changed. We’ll get to work!


Yes, our small size is perfect for kids and smaller feet!


There are certain shoes that have small eyelets or eyelets that are different shapes (i.e slits). Caterpy needs at least 1.5mm in clearance in at least one direction as this is the diameter of the plastic aglet tip. Here is a video for assistance.


Our main focus is making sure you are happy with your purchase. All
items can be returned/exchanged within 5 days of receiving the product.
Please be aware that anything you send back needs to be in the same
condition in which it was received. Refunds will be made after we
receive the original product. Cutting or physically altering laces voids refund.