Why Caterpy?

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Learn how to lace up Caterpy No Tie Shoelaces

Lace Up


Invented for Runners, Triathletes, Obstacle Course Racers, Crossfitters, and Gym-goers. Keep your shoe snug and never worry about your laces coming undone ever again.


Built to be durable, fun, quick, and easy. Caterpy can save headaches
for the parents and last through all of the kids’ adventures.


Created to prevent tripping, falling, snagging, and entangling in dangerous environments. By avoiding direct contact with your laces, you can stay clean, sanitary, and germ-free


Designed to help those with poor circulation, chronic swelling, painful pressure points, bunions, neuromas, and numbness. Upgrading your laces can be an easy method to soothe foot pains.

Shoelace Science

Strong outer nylon sheath designed to flex and last through the toughest conditions that out lasts any of our competitors.

Innovative inner rubber core that will provide you the tension strength for the perfect fit you desire.

Caterpy is the only no tie shoelace approved by podiatrist and sport medicine doctors.


Our elastic laces improve your feet’s blood circulation as they naturally swell throughout the day. Knots from traditional laces create choking points and constrict your feet.


Caterpy laces can convert your favorite shoes into slip-ons. Lace up once and customize your perfect fit.
There’s no need to readjust laces everyday!


Our patented elastic bump technology secures tension in each row of the shoe. This secures your shoe on your feet better than relying on a single knot or plastic piece.

Lace Up

With shoes on, insert laces as you would with traditional laces. Lace up.
Start loose and tighten to comfort.

Styling Options

With the excess lace you may choose to leave them out of the eyelets or tuck them into the laces or your shoe. No need to tie.

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No more worrying about messing with shoelaces! Save time and slip on your favorite shoes with Caterpy No-Tie Shoelaces!