how to tie shoelaces

These days style is all about taking a trend and making your own. From tattoos and piercings,  to the 90’s making a big comeback with crop tops and friendship bracelets, we are always searching for ways to customize the “basic” look. In this two part blog series we’ll share a few tutorials on our favorite ways to lace up Caterpy no tie shoelaces; with everything from the classic to the spiral and sawtooth you’re sure to find something that fits you just right!

Jumping with no tie laces


As a middle schooler circa 1996 my friends and I used to lace up our Adidas Superstar Shell Toes in all sorts of wacky ways. The go to look of course was straight across, but the options are endless. Made better of course, by Caterpy's bump technology. Come sit at the cool kids' lunch table when you try these  rad lace style!


The "Normal":  With shoes on, insert laces as you would with traditional laces. Lace up. Loosen and tighten to comfort.

How to lace no tie shoelaces
  no tie shoelaces, Air Max 90


The Hidden Knot (aka The Classic): With shoes on, insert laces as you would with traditional laces. Lace up. Start loose and tighten to comfort. 

how to tie shoelaces hidden knot
no tie shoelaces Adidas shell toe


The Spiral: With shoes on, start lacing from the toe-end of the shoe and zig zag your way up. When you are finished one aglet will be at the toe-end of the shoe and the other will be at the top. This lace style allows you to easily customize tension on each lace level and saves some volume on shoes with a knit or less structured upper.

Have you tried any of these or other styles? What is you favorite way to Caterpy? Tag us @caterpy on social media and let us know! 
July 16, 2021 — Mike Collins