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 Achieving your Goals: 3 Simple Steps

How many times have you heard, “I don’t even make New Year's Resolutions” or “I tried, but life just got in the way”? It seems to be a common problem plaguing many. From losing weight, to spending less time on the phone, getting outside more, and eating healthy, the list is endless; and while the desire for self improvement is admirable, the follow through is where the rubber meets the road. So how does one avoid the plague of the many and accomplish what few are able, how do you actually reach your goals? I sat down (rather worked out) with personal trainer and coach Aaron Pace at Pure Fit NSB in New Smyrna Beach, FL and asked that very question. He had some ideas.

First, PRIORITIZE your goals. Self improvement is great, but if you are trying to do it all at once, the important goals tend to get lost. Pick one, and go all in. You can always add more, in fact keep a running list in your phone notes, that way you can refer back and set the bar higher for yourself next time around. One more thought on prioritization. Size matters! Big goals are excellent, BUT recognize that big goals are made of many smaller ones. 

Speaking of big goals made of smaller ones; running a marathon, losing 50lbs, or walking 10,000 steps a day don’t just happen overnight. Big change is made because we change a bunch of little things. Aaron spends a lot of time talking about how exercise and changes are in inches; small changes make the biggest differences. Break those bigger goals down into manageable STEPS. Maybe you adjust one behavior a week, get the hang of each change, then add another. Soon your whole lifestyle will reflect all of that hard work. So set a goal to run a ½ marathon, or lose those extra pounds, but know that real change is made in small steps.

Finally. Goals, especially the life altering, long term kind, require ACCOUNTABILITY. Phone a friend, join a run club, join a virtual challenge or online community. The options of finding someone to help keep you accountable, focused, and honest are endless. Reaching out can feel intimidating initially, but chances are if they are at that run club or virtual challenge group they need accountability too. 

In short, setting goals is the easy part, it’s reaching them that’s tough. Hey, if it were easy wouldn’t everyone do it? Be part of the few, because being able to say, “I did it” is one of the most rewarding experiences we as humans can have. Prioritize, take the small steps, and find someone to hold you accountable; it’s simple really, but you do have to take that first step. So what are your goals, how can we help you reach them?

***Aaron is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer at PureFIT New Smyrna Beach. He enjoys all things active, but board sports are his jam. He believes in setting and meeting attainable goals through a natural and healthy lifestyle.

January 20, 2021 — Caterpy Internal Team