UC Berkley did a study in 2017 that a weak knot will always come undone because of the forces at work on the knot while running. Strong Knots or double knots can alleviate this, but knots create a choke point on the top of the foot that restricts blood flow. Shoe tying becomes a battle between securing your foot and maintaining good blood flow.


• Choke Points From Knots
• Poor Circulation
• Numbness/Improper Fit

Knots come undone, when your knot unties your entire shoe comes undone immediately and can result in your shoe flying off or possibly injury.


• Elastic Compression
• Improved Circulation
• Perfect Fit, Every Time

With Caterpy, every bump holds tension independently. That means, if a bump does slip, only one portion of the shoe loses tension and only by one bump! Now that’s security.

Caterpy Run

No-Tie Shoelaces

The only no-tie shoelaces with zero hardware and adjustable tension.