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Caterpy is an athlete-focused and culturally relevant brand who has revolutionized shoelace function, comfort, and style through elastic bump technology that allows wearers to customize lace tension and security for optimal performance without needing to tie shoelaces. Caterpy is a growing international brand that operates with a lean, but highly productive team. Manufacturing is headquartered in Japan and marketing headquartered in the U.S. with distributorship throughout the world.

The social media intern position is great for people who are looking to get started in the social media marketing industry. Previous experience is not required, but the intern will have a willingness to learn social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Description & Responsibilities

  • Brand outreach such as responding to comments and answering questions, commenting and engaging with relevant Instagram accounts and hashtags.
  • Work with Social Media Coordinator on content creation as appropriate for each platform
  • Social listening through awareness of mentions of Caterpy and Caterpy products
  • Ability to create videos to be put directly on social channels, specifically Instagram and TikTok. 


  • Estimated time commitment of 8- 10 hours per week
  • Primarily remote position available for video or phone conferencing during established hours
  • Some in-person meetings and local engagements may be necessary for collaboration and marketing purposes
  • Need iphone with 1080 or 4K video capabilities.


  •   Contracted out with 1099 form
  •   Payment starting at $250 per month


If Interested, Please Contact: