Caterpy for hiking

Close your eyes and imagine you’re out for a run. You’ve just hit your stride, shaken off the struggle of those first few steps, the breeze is in your face, you start to feel the momentum, you glance down and…your shoelace is untied. You have to stop and re-tie it to avoid tripping, interrupting your thought process and workout flow. How can you avoid this happening yet again? Solving this problem is exactly why Caterpy created our no-tie shoelaces.

As runners, we’re always trying to improve on our personal bests, whether the goal is shaving time off the clock to cover more distance with less effort or to stay active and healthy in our daily lives. Having to stop and tie shoes is not only annoying—it also keeps us from achieving all we can with those goals. It’s time-consuming and breaks your stride both during a marathon workout session and racing a marathon. Caterpy technology keeps your laces locked in place so you feel secure and confident increasing your speed to get to the next level. Plus, Caterpy shoelaces are easily adjustable on the fly, so you can tighten or loosen your laces on the run (or quickly slide a shoe off and back on) while barely even slowing down.

But Caterpy goes beyond convenience and comfort. The technology in our laces also includes safety features that help protect you while on the run or on the job. The structure of our no-tie shoelaces can prevent trips and falls that typically result in a number of other avoidable injuries, such as twisted ankles, wrist or hand sprains, and a variety of knee injuries. A quick Google search will reveal countless stories of people tripping over their laces, from track meet trip-ups that end in scary spike injuries to escalator run-ins that bring down an entire group of people.

The playground is no exception, and ensuring your little ones’ laces are always secure is one of the simplest ways to protect them while they’re at play. Plus, the use of Caterpy laces can actually increase the lifespan of kids’ shoes by resisting wear and tear in the forefoot of the shoe and keeping the shoes from stretching out with added flexibility from Caterpy shoelaces.

These are just a few benefits of Caterpy’s no-tie shoelaces and why they play a valuable role in your shoes and in your life. Visit our online store to find the sizes and colors that suit your lifestyle, and stay tuned into the Caterpy blog for more in-depth information and special features.

September 02, 2020 — Mike Collins