Non-tying active laces with patented elastic technology that provides adjustable tension between shoe eyelets.  Premium laces designed to enhance a broad range of shoes.

  • EASY TO INSTALL & REUSE : Put in Caterpy laces as you would with traditional shoelaces, there’s no extra hardware to install. You just lace up once and never need to touch your laces again. The laces can be taken out and reused for multiple pairs of shoes.
  • CONVENIENT SLIP-ONS : Transform your favorite pair of shoes into slip-on shoes. Take your shoes on and off without readjusting laces everyday; and avoid breaking the heel of your shoe from cramming your foot into it.
  • ELASTIC COMFORT : Our elastic laces improve your feet’s blood circulation as they naturally swell throughout the day. Knots from traditional laces create choking points and constrict your feet.
  • CUSTOMIZED PERFORMANCE : Our patented elastic bump technology secures tension in each row of the shoe. This allows you to create customized tension throughout all eyelets, instead of relying on a single knot or plastic piece.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE : Once you try a pair of Caterpy and feel the difference, you’ll never want to go back to traditional shoelaces. Caterpy laces are guaranteed to last the life of at least one pair of sneakers.


Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Perfect for workouts!

I'm a fitness instructor of many types of strength and cardio formats and I have a really narrow foot. Double-tying regular shoelaces creates inconsistency along the lace tracks with the top becoming constricting and the middle section too loose, so I found myself re-tying shoes during classes quite often. These Caterpy laces are fabulous for keeping the shoes firmly on my feet, eliminating the need for re-tying, and helping alleviate the circulation issues created from tying normal laces tightly or double-tying. They also make the transition between format-specific shoes very quick. I bought Caterpy Run shoelaces for all of my active shoes and a few pair of Caterpy Air for my casual shoes, as well as a couple of pairs for an elderly parent who has issues getting shoes on and off. These are great! I wish I'd had them for my kids when they were small. (And the staff is great to work with, too!)

Joel Padovano
Always the best

Have been buying these laces for over 4 years and have used them on every pair of running shoes since! That’s over 25 pair. These are the best laces on the market and would never use anything else.

Love ❤

These laces are the best! It is easy adjustments and no more pain digging into my ankle or tight on my feet. I have 4 pairs now and will get more in the future!

Robert Knight
Great product!

Great product, these are a life saver for people with chronic back issues! They're working out Great and even work with my brand of shoe (Merrell) without any issues. The only issue I had is that they didn't have the color I wanted (black). Outside of the inventory issue I definitely plan to buy these for all my shoes in the future!

Aaron Crain

Great 👍🏻