Get a mystery pack of different assorted versions of Caterpy shoelaces. There will be chances to receive limited edition shoelaces and packaging. Possibilities include laces with more bumps, laces with metal aglets, laces for business shoes, plus discontinued colors and packaging from around the world!

Please note that shoelaces are not limited to the sizes or styles shown in the photos. These are random packs of all of our unique lace styles and sizes that are not being sold in our store.

Customer Reviews

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Tama Cassidy
How to unload small laces

Should come with hints as to how then can be used??? Would two pairs of kid laces work in one shoe??? Wondering as I wander....

Jason Leigh
Best laces on the planet 🌎

Love πŸ’• Love πŸ’• Love
My feet love Caterpy πŸ’ͺ🏼🀘🏼

Pictures are deceiving

Ordered 2 of the mystery laces. In the listing the picture shows adult laces 75cm-80cm in length. Every single mystery pack I received were kids sizes (20 in/50cm) and one was 40cm. Way too short. Very upset now I have 6 useless packs of laces. If you want kids laces and don't care about length then this is great. But if you're looking for a mixed pack of adult sized laces then steer clear of it.


Thank you for your review. The premise of the mystery pack is that the laces can be different sizes and styles from around the world. In the photos there are in fact: a 50cm lace, 60 cm lace, 65cm lace, 70cm lace, 85 cm lace, as well as our business laces (40cm) that are only sold in Japan. In the product description, we outline that the assortment is random on all fronts. Looking into your orders we also see you received one of these packs for free via our promotion. At this time we understand your frustration, but feel the exchange is fair. Thank you for your business.

Andy Bohl
Mystery packs are fun

Grab bags are fun and you get more for the money. I was not disappointed

Cute and fun variety pack

From the the packaging of the laces to the actual product, this mystery pack is the go to. I received 2 limited edition laces with one being a limited edition lace and packaging. So, it’s exciting to have a secret package waiting to be opened and being 100% surprised.