Caterpy Cares


Healthcare professionals are the backbone of our society. In these tumultuous times, we rely on them to take care of those in need while selflessly putting themselves at risk.

We at Caterpy want to help. Shoes and shoelaces rank among the top items to carry germs. Having to touch them less means a safer and more sanitary day. After all, health is what we strive for.

Right now we are offering a discount on laces for people in which they have the opportunity to give back to those in the Healthcare and service community. For every 3 laces we sell, we will be donating a pair of laces to heroes in our community.

Help us reach those who you think should get the recognition they deserve. We are open to recommendations on specific groups of these hard workers throughout the nation.

Send your thoughts, feedback, or questions to: [email protected] 

Thank you for all of your hard work. #CaterpyCares

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