It’s a Caterpy Mom’s Life

It's a Caterpy Mom's World

There’s never a dull moment in the life of a mom, and our very own Caterpy Mom and ambassador Ashley Casano can vouch for this. And that means no time to tie shoelaces!

To celebrate the recent release of our Caterpy Kids Laces, we lived a day in the life of this Caterpy Mom and managed to snag a few extra minutes with Ashley to chat Caterpy faves. Check out her grind and see if you can keep up!

Running Shoe Laces Evolve

Running Shoe Laces Evolve Alternative lacing and fit systems now provide ease, precision and adaptability.Jonathan BeverlyAugust 13, 2019The upper of a running shoe often gets overlooked, or considered more about fashion than function. After all, its purpose is simply to hold the foot securely on the sole and stay out of the way as much […]